Kinesiology (Pronounced Kin-easy-ology) is a philosophy of balance within mind, body and soul. This form of natural therapy promotes health and wellbeing.




Holistic Health

How does it work?

It uses muscle monitoring techniques to determine stress patterns located throughout the structural, emotional and electromagnetic systems of the entire body.  Thus Kinesiology utilises a holistic approach to health, concentrating on the body and symptoms as a whole. 

Holistic Health


Advantages of Kinesiology?

People can benefit from Kinesiology with relief from numerous ailments; some examples of these include:

  • anxiety
  • loss of direction
  • depression
  • allergies
  • eating disorders
  • VCE and school related stress
  • grief
  • physical aches and pains

The combination of neurolymphatic, neurovascular and acupressure along with nutrition, counselling & homeopathy are a few of the main techniques applied during a kinesiology session.  Incorporating chakra energies, flowers essences, crystal and colour therapy we focus on the core issue and where the problem was first triggered to attempt to diffuse the ongoing effects in current situations.

The goal is to promote self awareness and provide clients with healthy strategies to encourage integrity within their mind and body, empowering clients through focusing on positive thinking, visual imagery, confidence and self esteem; broadening their possibilities and horizons.   

The History

Dr George Goodheart, an American chiropractor, developed the foundations of kinesiology in 1964, using the model of muscle testing to evaluate what he was doing chiropractically.

In 1965 Dr. John Thie D.C., a student of Dr. Goodheart, along with Goodheart spent the next 6 years researching and developing muscle monitoring as used by many kinesiologists today.