About Emily

About Emily

I was introduced to Kinesiology in 2003, a friend had been going through a difficult transition and was getting kinesiology sessions to help her through it.

I noticed first hand the benefits kinesiology was having for her so I investigated further, the more I found out about this modality the more I was intrigued.

I received my diploma from The Australian College of Complimentary Medicine (ACCM) in Fitzroy, Melbourne.  With an extensive and diverse course I learnt many techniques which I use in my clinic today.

Emily Looringh van Beeck


Together with the client my aim is to unlock their inner strength and create self awareness, giving them a fresh and dynamic perspective of their life and/or difficult situations they may encompass.  We will explore and unravel past experiences and overcome obstacles they may face which prevents them from having positive outcomes in their current or future prospects.

Behind the Name

"Qi" (pronouned "che") is the Chinese word for life energy. "Qi Connection" directly identifies with the essences and key practices of Kinesiology. Energy through the body is transmitted by a number of pathways all of which can have a domino effect on each other; please refer to the table below.

StructuralThe energy responds on a physical level, this may involve muscles, bones, organs and glands.
BiochemicalVitamins, minerals, amino acids and lipids play a vital role in our biochemical structure; this can alter the energy pathways to our lymphatic system and hormones.
EmotionalBoth positive and negative states will react on an emotional plane; this includes our thought patterns and core belief systems.
ElectromagneticUsing vibrational techniques these energies work with chakras, meridians and acupressure points.


Qualifications & Associations

Diploma of Kinesiology – Australian College of Complimentary Medicine

Certificate IV in Kinesiology – Australian College of Complimentary Medicine

Current First Aid Certificate – HLTFA301B

Working with Children Check Card – 02637675 01

Professional Member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS)